The CaptureDOC platform

CaptureDOC is an intelligent decentralized document management platform for the digitization of documents and the intelligent capture of data which allows you to organise, distribute and consult information quickly and easily, bringing competitive advantage and economies to businesses.

The solution

The CaptureDOC software guarantees greater productivity, mobility, the reduction of costs, and compliance through paperless document management. The concept is to transform information which is kept in analogical support to the digital environment with all data suitably organised, with both security and quality control.

The current situation of document management

Currently, even if your company is investing in information management through the digitizing of documents and the production of various files and digital media, it is common for there to be inefficiency and great effort expended in searching for data, even when these files are kept in the server. It is exactly in this process of document management that CaptureDOC offers more productivity. By means of the digitizing of documents and the intelligent capture of data, the software transfers information to the digital environment with the quality control and organisation that you and your employees need.

Evaluating the document management situation of your company

When evaluating a document digitizing and intelligent data capture solution, the following aspects should be taken into account:

How agile is the implementation of the system to make it operational?

Is it possible to generate reports for audit purposes, matching digitized documents with the original documents?

What additional effort is required for the system to attain the best results?

Can the system generate complex and multilingual documents?

Is it simple to use and make customisable adjustments to the intelligent capture of data in the system?

Is the system capable of identifying and validating the data captured and exporting it for internal storage?

Our benefits

The benefits of the technology which automates the digitizing of documents with intelligent capture and integrates it with business solutions represents savings for an organisation of between 40 and 80 percent in terms of costs related to corporate information management. According to a recent study by Harvey Spencer and Associates, the data capture market is worth approximately $1 billion, with 38% of the market focused on document management based on the digitising of documents and the intelligent capture of data.

CaptureDOC allows all the important data for the company in any document, whether standardised or not, to be captured quickly and securely, in a relevant and decentralized manner, guaranteeing efficiency in the management of documents.