The company

CaptureDOC is a Portuguese company whose core business is document management through the digitizing of documents and the intelligent capture of data.

Our story

CaptureDOC originated from an incentive programme created by Microsoft Portugal, called Microsoft BizSpark. The initiative provides free access to Microsoft technologies and the donation of software, training and technical support, as well as visibility in the domestic and international markets. Another benefit is the participation in an ecosystem of partners, which permits the exchange of experience, partnerships and constant innovation.
After the technical definition and innovative solution, it was time to test the product in an acceleration programme. With the aim of acting in the Brazilian market, we chose the Startup NAVE programme at the Brazilian Estácio de Sá University in Rio de Janeiro. The choice was based on the unique approach offered by the programme, which is developed within an innovative environment, combining academic investigation with an entrepreneurial ambiance.
After a four month cycle, with training, real validations, networking and mentoring with some of the principal entrepreneurs and specialists in the market, it was possible to scale up and consolidate our CaptureDOC document management project.

The problem

Many companies invest significant resources, such as time, manpower and equipment, in information management, as they have identified that the key to competitiveness and productivity in any business resides in the control of information and knowledge.
The expenditure on information management by the majority of companies is very high, although of low efficiency. The time and focus which employees spend on document management – handling, printing and digitizing documents, data collection and locating of digital archives – can lead not only to confusion, but also to failings in quality control.

The opportunity

CaptureDOC identified a market opportunity, determining that many businesses are searching for a solution to their information management needs. From this point, we invested in research and development in a service providing the digitizing of documents and the intelligent capture of data which would serve as a base to meet the need of transforming analogical documents into digital documents, with data effectively organized.
The implementation of this solution focused on document management both speeds up and guarantees the reliability of information storage.
The intelligent capture of data can be carried out in a decentralised way from any device. The result can be integrated with any business management software – BMS – or even with other types of document management software – DMS.

The information management scenario in the corporate market

Currently, with the increasing need for integration in business processes, companies face the challenge of innovating and expanding their frontiers to reach clients, suppliers, collaborators and other external entities. The need for information management solutions which create the conditions necessary for all the stakeholders to work inside a single ecosystem, thus allowing them to evolve with the processes, and consequently, to mutually offer greater access to the information collected, is growing. This need is only met through concepts of self-service and collaborative platforms for document management which aim to facilitate the processes efficiently, with quality control, security and economy.

The returns brought by CaptureDOC to partner companies

We are a global company with customised solutions for each country involved. Our greatest achievement is the culture change which occurs in each organisation which has implemented our solution in document management. It is a service with a social and business environment impact, which aligns with the objectives of profitability, innovation and efficiency that the market demands.


So many ways to grow together!

As a CaptureDOC distributor, you will use resources which help you to maximise your business outcome. We are looking for people or companies who would like to be part of our project.

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Collaborate to innovate.

The combination of expertise, experience, and insights in the CaptureDOC ecosystem and its network of partners leads to the best solutions in information management for our clients.